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News: Hellboy 2 June 7, 2006

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Guillermo Del Toro has told iFMagazine that Paramount are currently looking at Hellboy 2 since Sony have passed on it. The movie is apparently bigger in scale, if not budget and Abe Sapien is to play a much bigger part in the action.


Most startling, the movie currently features a Barry Manilow song which surely is the most monstrous news of all.


News: Tag June 7, 2006

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A preview of Boom! Studios Tag has appeared on Newsarama. Here's the official blurb from Boom!:


Spine-snapping horror in the tradition of the movie The Ring! When an average joe strolls down the street after a fight with his girlfriend, a random stranger TAGS him, handing off an ancient pagan curse! Now he's literally dead – and rotting – as he sees his body begin to decompose every day before his very eyes. Cursed, he must either surrender, or find the next victim to TAG… A new mini-series from white-hot Wizard Magazine favorite Keith Giffen and 30 Days of Night Bloodsucker Tales artist Kody Chamberlain!  

News: Cage on Ghost Rider & Reeves on Constantine Sequel. June 5, 2006

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If Ghost Rider is a success don't be expecting Cage to be jumping on the bike again. In a rare interview he told ComingSoon.net that he's not signed on the dotted line for any potential follow-ups…

"I'm not contractually obligated to sequels on anything. I'll never say never, but I am happy that I haven't made any sequels to this point. If I do do a sequel, I'm going to have to know for sure that the script is better than the original. So I'm going to be very careful about that because I'm not eager to repeat myself."

Cage blames the special effects for the delays, stating that writer-director Mark Steven Johnson wanted to make sure they were just right, espiecially Ghost Rider's fight with a helicopter.

Meanwhile, Contstantine 2 is still only a glimmer in Keanu Reeve's eye. As he told ComingSoon, "It's kind of in the air. Maybe. I'd love to, but I don't know if the producers would want to do it… It's a long story. We've got to figure it out."

Review: Angel Spotlight: Illyria #1 June 3, 2006

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Writer: Peter David

Art: Nicola Scott

Reviewer: Cavan Scott

Of all the characters in what these days is called the Buffyverse, Illyria showed the most promise and yet, with the cancellation of Angel, was never allowed to truly come into her own.

After a couple of misfires with their Angel spin-offs, IDW have got this just right. Peter David, no stranger to TV-tie-ins presents a brief but involving tale of a demon striving to understand what remorse means and how it will take her one step closer to being human. In a relatively short page-count David crams in more character development and empathy than most writers can manage in an entire series. Of course his job is made considerably easier thanks to the amazing art of Nicola Scott who perfectly captures actress Amy Acker (although her Wesley is almost unrecognisable).

Unlike IDW's first Angel efforts, this isn't just for completests. If you've not dipped your toe into Buffy-inspired comics then this is a great jumping-on point.

SCORES: Out of 5

Art: 3

Script: 3

Chills: 2

Overall: 3

From the Vaults: Marvel’s Nazi Frankenstein June 3, 2006

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Invaders vs Frankenstein

The Invaders
Issue 31 – August 1978
Story title: Heil Frankenstein!
Reviewer: Cavan Scott

Dastardly Plot

Prepare yourself for this one. It is the second world war and the original Human Torch and Toro have flown off to investigate rumoured Nazi activity in the Swiss Alps. When they don’t return Captain America, Bucky and Prince Namor follow them into a nightmare. For in a remote and sinister castle, Basil Frankenstein, a descendant of dear old Victor has been up to the usual family business and has created a new abomination, the first of a new breed who will win the war for the Third Reich. Can Cap defeat the mindless monster and why does Basil need the Human Torch?

Vicious Verdict
It’s switch your brain off at the door time. To say this is a clichéd tale is like saying that Oliver Reed used to enjoy a little sherry at Christmas.
It’s all here, a crippled scientist, spooky castle and rampaging peasants (complete with burning torches). There’s even almost a brain-transplant. The idea of the monster forced to work for the Nazi is also quite an appealing idea. So good so far… But wait a grave-robbing minute – the Doctor needs the Human Torch’s android body so he can drain off his energy to cause the monster to grow because he can’t work out how to make his monster as tall as Victor’s? Why not use bigger bodies Basil old boy?
Complete nonsense from beginning to end and hardly essential reading when it comes to Marvel’s ongoing incarnation of the monster (although ol’ green, tall and gruesome does get a small cameo). But saying that, it’s just such corny, campy, unadulterated fun!

Favourite Frame
An army of Frankenstein’s nazi monsters rampaging through the trenches. Now that would make a scary movie…

Fashion Disaster
Any kind of Nazi uniform is pretty bad form (unless you’re Prince Harry or Paris Hilton of course), but you have to be impressed with Basil’s dashing dressing gown and scarf combo. Evil and insane he may be, but you’ve got to admit he’s a bit swank.

Terrifying Trivia
Ever worried you wouldn't know what to say if you’re freed from an airless prison? Well, according to the Human Torch the phrase you’re looking for is “Good Gravy!” Personally I would have gone for a “Thank **** for that” but I’m not 1940’s super-hero am I!

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News: Blade is back and he’s bringing some friends June 2, 2006

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Marvel has announced that Marc (Wolverine) Guggenheim is to be the writer of the new ongoing Blade title, due to be published in September.


In an interview on Newsarama Guggenheim is quick to insist that there is to be no links to the Spike TV series, other than Blade's appearance with has evolved over time to resemble the look of the movies. However, as with recent comics featuring the character Blade will share the Dhampir-like abilities of his cinematic counterpart. In the Marvel Universe contiunity, Blade became the Daywalker after being bitten by Morbius, the Living Vampire.

In the new title Blade will be based in Manhattan and will initially act alone. While story arcs will be developed Guggenheim has revealed that the issues will be stand-alone. In his own words Blade will be produced "not as a horror book – as Blade has been done in the past, but as a superhero book with horror elements."

No artist has been named as yet, although Marko Djurdjevic will be providing the covers for the first six issues.


Blade is not the only 70s horror icon to be returning from Marvel. At the "Mondo Marvel" panel WizardWorld: Philadelphia, the publisher announced two new titles that will come out under Max imprint, Hellstorm: Son of Satan and Zombie. Axel Alonso has revealed that their inclusion in Marvel's imprint for older readers mean that the characters will be able to develop in ways that weren't possible in the past.

Aftershock: 30 Days of Night: Dead Space June 2, 2006

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Dead Space

No. of issues: 3

Writer: Steve Niles & Dan Wickline

Art: Milx

Reviewer: Cavan Scott

Hack/Slash: Trailers made a very good point in its collection of mini-adventures this March – when franchises have run out of steam they blast into orbit.

With this in mind I approached 30 Days of Night: Dead Space with trepidation. Did the final frontier equal the first nail in the coffin for horrordom’s latest, and at present, greatest horror darling.

The concept is a simple one. Hours before NASA relaunches its Space Shuttle program the mission commander is converted to the vampire hordes. Once the team hit space, his vampirism hits out and floating in their tin can, high above the world, the NASA team are slaughtered one by one.

However simple the concept, you have to admit it’s a strong one. Claustrophobic location – check. Lots of mindless violence – check. Using as much red ink as you can without prompting a world shortage – check. Every box is ticked then. Well, almost.

Unlike the original 30 Days of Night I am not convinced that Dead Space would warrant many repeat visits. With three issues to build suspense and dread, writers Steve Niles and Dan Wickline choose to rush in and cut to the bloody chase. It’s an admirable tactic but one that means that the characters are mere cyphers, truly lambs to the slaughter. You don’t have the time, or indeed the inclination to form any connection with them and so hardly care when their throats are ripped out in zero G.

The real tribute of the series came in the form of Milx’s art and impressive colouring. A shame that his talent obviously wasn’t stretched by a below-par, phoned-in script.

Perhaps Hack/Slash were right after all.

SCORES: Out of 5

Art: 4

Script: 2

Chills: 2

Overall: 2

Horror covers we love No.1 June 2, 2006

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Girls gone Dead

From Hack/Slash: Girls Gone Dead.

Come on, what's not to like about this one. Every 1980 slasher fans wet dream.

And is it just our sick minds or are we seeing a camel hoof there? Nice!

News: Deadworld comes to CD May 30, 2006

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Deadworld Logo

Eagle One Media have released an official CD-Rom collecting the zombie-comic Deadworld.

The Deadworld CD-Rom collects the entire 46 issue original runs of the cult comic, plus four short stories, two spin-off mini-series and bonus extras. That's 1,700 pages scanned packed onto one $29.99 CD. Phew! UK fans of the undead saga will need to chuck on a $6 shipping charge.


Deadworld made its shuffling debut back in the late 80s, bubbling up from the brains of scriptor Stuart Kerr and artist Vincent Lock. Fans of zombiekind recognised a world torn apart from a supernatural plague however unlike most Romero-inspired comics the zombie masses are just foot-soldiers to a breed of intellegent, highly intelligent flesh-feasters, led by a harley-riding, snark-talking king of the undead.

In the current ongoing Zombie revival it was only a matter of time before the comic underwent a resurrection. A all-new monthly Deadworld title was launched in 2005 from Image and Shockertoys are to release a line of 6-7 inch action figures.

HorrorComics.co.uk needs you! May 30, 2006

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