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Web Watch: The Heap vs. Sky Wolf June 13, 2006

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David Zuzelo’s blog Tomb It May Concern features a 10 page story from the Golden Age Air Fighters Comics anthology. The Heap Returns sees a shambling vegetable monster that predates both Swamp Thing and Man Thing.

First appearing in 1942 the Heap was a flying ace, Baron von Emmelmann, who was shot down over the Wausau Swamp of Poland. However the Baron’s will to live meant that his body combined with the swamp waters, transforming him into a massive veggie beast.

Spawn fans may find the name of the creature familiar as thanks to Todd McFarlane’s acquisition of Eclipse Enterprises, a modernised version of the Heap has popped up in the pages of Spawn. While McFarlane’s Heap has little, if anything, to do with the original he remains one horror comics forgotten monstrosities.