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From the Vaults: Marvel’s Nazi Frankenstein June 3, 2006

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Invaders vs Frankenstein

The Invaders
Issue 31 – August 1978
Story title: Heil Frankenstein!
Reviewer: Cavan Scott

Dastardly Plot

Prepare yourself for this one. It is the second world war and the original Human Torch and Toro have flown off to investigate rumoured Nazi activity in the Swiss Alps. When they don’t return Captain America, Bucky and Prince Namor follow them into a nightmare. For in a remote and sinister castle, Basil Frankenstein, a descendant of dear old Victor has been up to the usual family business and has created a new abomination, the first of a new breed who will win the war for the Third Reich. Can Cap defeat the mindless monster and why does Basil need the Human Torch?

Vicious Verdict
It’s switch your brain off at the door time. To say this is a clichéd tale is like saying that Oliver Reed used to enjoy a little sherry at Christmas.
It’s all here, a crippled scientist, spooky castle and rampaging peasants (complete with burning torches). There’s even almost a brain-transplant. The idea of the monster forced to work for the Nazi is also quite an appealing idea. So good so far… But wait a grave-robbing minute – the Doctor needs the Human Torch’s android body so he can drain off his energy to cause the monster to grow because he can’t work out how to make his monster as tall as Victor’s? Why not use bigger bodies Basil old boy?
Complete nonsense from beginning to end and hardly essential reading when it comes to Marvel’s ongoing incarnation of the monster (although ol’ green, tall and gruesome does get a small cameo). But saying that, it’s just such corny, campy, unadulterated fun!

Favourite Frame
An army of Frankenstein’s nazi monsters rampaging through the trenches. Now that would make a scary movie…

Fashion Disaster
Any kind of Nazi uniform is pretty bad form (unless you’re Prince Harry or Paris Hilton of course), but you have to be impressed with Basil’s dashing dressing gown and scarf combo. Evil and insane he may be, but you’ve got to admit he’s a bit swank.

Terrifying Trivia
Ever worried you wouldn't know what to say if you’re freed from an airless prison? Well, according to the Human Torch the phrase you’re looking for is “Good Gravy!” Personally I would have gone for a “Thank **** for that” but I’m not 1940’s super-hero am I!

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