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Review: Bloodrayne – Twin Blade June 29, 2006

Posted by HC in Aftershock Reviews.

Writer: Steve O’Connell
Artist: Steve Scott
Review: David Zuzelo

BloodRayne is one of those videogame characters that seems custom tailored to comics with leather corsets, big arm swords and busty babes beating vampires bloody… and indeed the comic series from Digital Webbing rolls on with Twin Blades. Set in the early 1930’s, this one-shot covers the origin of Rayne’s distinctive weaponry.
While scuttling about and eating wolves she meets a man that knows of her special talents right away (of course), and he proceeds to tell her the story of The Brimstone Society and his place in it as “Agent Wraith.” They get attacked by a big monster, Rayne uses the blades… and that’s the end. Not exactly plot heavy or character oriented, it’s fun T n’ A n’ G(ore) with monsters and splattery swordplay. The results of the Bloodrayne franchise have been mixed with DW/Echo 3’s comics and Uwe Boll’s movie finding varying degrees of success and failure and Twin Blades, while decent looking, doesn’t pack much at all for the reader to gnaw on. So, the script can be summarized as a little back story filler on The Brimstone Society and not much else. Steve Scott’s artwork is good and the inks by Stacie Ponder add depth, but I have to say that when you have a story that builds to one battle I would appreciate a slightly better monster design than a guy that looks like he escaped from a Chaos comics backup tale.
Also, the fight sequences are clunky speed affairs, which isn’t really to my taste. BloodRayne film director Uwe Boll realised that it would be hard to pick those swords up and just start chopping, and it would have made sense to show something similar here instead of our heroine just hacking away.
This one shot contains a lot of “making of” material that is better than the finished product, and anyone that enjoys the story behind the panels will like this section of the book. Considering the price tag and the fact there is only 21 pages of story, this was a smart bonus to include.
A little flash and not enough substance, but not so bad that I won’t give the publishers another shot on the character. Twin Blades is a quick time filler that leaves me thirsty for a real story and character development that equals the cool look of this particular vampiric bad girl. On the upside, the forthcoming Plague of Dreams is going to be a three issue series from the creators of the best of the one shots, Lycan Rex. You can check out a preview of Plague of Dreams here.

Ratings: (Out of 5)
Art: 3
Story: 2
Chills: 1
Overall: 2



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