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Review: Zombies! Feast #1 June 24, 2006

Posted by HC in Aftershock Reviews, IDW.


Writer: Shane McCarthy

Artist: Chris Bolton

Reviewer: David Zuzelo

Zombies! Feast starts up a promising new series for IDW, containing sharp artwork by Chris Bolton that keeps the blood and viscera flowing well from panel to panel while being pushed along by fast paced script from Shane McCarthy. During a routine prisoner transport for Federal Marshal Cooke and his crew of officers things take a Silent Hill turn as radio signals fail and they crash their bus in a storm. It probably doesn’t help that they are transporting what appear to be a batch of VERY mean men in prison jumpsuits looking for a way out of their own predicaments. I guess we know they are mean because they curse a lot and one is a Nazi wannabee who will no-doubt get in the Marshal’s face. Taking cover in an abandoned farmhouse where they meet a grotesque little zombie girl (whoa, George Romero, take a bow) the stage is set for blunt force trauma to lots of undead skulls as well as buckets of interpersonal mayhem between prisoners and police.
For pure nasty action, Zombies! Feast delivers the gobbling goods, with a particularly gross bit involving some brain swallowing that gave me the heebie jeebies while admiring the lettering on the word THUNK in the same panel. McCarthy focuses his script by letting the artwork carry the action, which it does quite well.

While it feels cinematic, it does make for a very VERY quick read (at $3.99 per book this is a common issue for IDW in my opinion) and this style doesn’t exactly push the comic book form to the bleeding edges of the best told tales. As a set up issue, Zombies! Feast #1 feels a bit like a 5 minute prologue to a very promising splatfilm, and I’ll be sure to check out the further issues. Bolton’s artwork and the moody coloring captured my imagination enough to warrant another look, and once some of the story blanks are filled in and the characters get to have their moments amongst the mayhem this could be a zombie book worth remembering.

Scores: (Out of 5)

Art: 4

Story: 2

Chills: 3

Overall: 3



1. David Wayne - August 29, 2006

Yes. it is short. but i love it!!!!! ZOMBIES!!!!! i have the 3rd. still sweet… but wtf happend to the old art person!? its too diffrent…

2. bing gordon - October 27, 2008

for the quize the first answer is a not c look it up on internet

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