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Review: U.T.F. #1 June 24, 2006

Posted by HC in Aftershock Reviews, Independant.


Writer: Scott Reynolds

Artist: Tone Rodriguez

Reviewer: David Zuzelo

In theory U.T.F. (Undead Task Force) is a good idea. Mix zombies and vampires and stir in a U.S. Government agency full of muscular and sexy ass kickers to stop the monsters, season with great art. Repeat. However, the execution in this book is sadly lacking.  Issue 1 opens up on a prison revolt/vampire infection that has promise before going backwards in time to introduce the actual characters of the story.  The standard big guy and nipple popping through leather jumpsuit chick appear and blow away some zombies, two vampires walk into a bar and only one walks out and so on.  Not exactly innovative, but still-the idea is fine. 

There are so many distractions along the way through the 21 page tale that U.T.F. had me tuning out and losing interest. The characters all talk like Power Man second stringers regardless of race, there are misused words (“You sure know how to weld(??) that boomstick, Nacho.) and for some reason Los Angeles is always described as LA rather than L.A.  I had to read that tidbit over several times to make sure I understood what was being said. 

Am I nitpicking? Perhaps, but for the price of the book a little more editorial could have fixed these distractions. It would have left me inside the story at least. Is U.T.F. a cliché driven book that Rob Liefeld would have drawn with gusto? Sure, but if done correctly I’m all for relaxing my brain and digging into the gore and having fun with the splatter. When the tiny details are greater than the story we have a problem…

On the upside, Tone Rodriguez’ artwork is refreshingly simple and stylish, foregoing the stick figures under photoshop layering that passes for “horror” art in many cases.  Ape Entertainment has lots of interesting projects (I would recommend Athena Voltaire to any comic book fan), and perhaps with some editorial attention, UTF can step up for the remainder of the 3 issue series.  I can’t say I’m enthused to spend another $2.99 to find out.
SCORES: Out of 5

Art: 3

Script: 1


Overall: 2



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