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News: Blade artist revealed June 24, 2006

Posted by HC in Marvel, News.

Tom Brevoort has announced on his Marvel blog that fan favourite Howard Chaykin will be joining Marc Guggenheim on the new ongoing Blade series. Chaykin first came to note as the artist on Marvel's 1976 Star Wars comic, and has lent his unique style to American Flagg!, The Shadow and the controversial vampire comic, Black Kiss. As Brevoort says "C'mon–a cool, sword-and-gun-wielding guy in a leather jacket–is there a better character for Chaykin to work on?"

Brevoort also unveiled Chaykin's first take on the character;


Here at HorrorComics.co.uk, we think that's kinda cool, a good cross between the movie blade and the original character from Tomb of Dracula. Here's hoping he has wooden knifes!



1. David Z - June 24, 2006

Hooooooo…I like it. I’m a Blade fan (well, I like the older books….the version by Bart Sears put me off) AND a fan of Chaykin’s artwork. You could stick a Frank Castle head on there and it would look like 80’s Punisher though…

2. Mob - July 23, 2006

Love the Chaykin! Great news, thanks for the tip!

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