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Review: Angel Spotlight: Illyria #1 June 3, 2006

Posted by HC in Aftershock Reviews, IDW.

Writer: Peter David

Art: Nicola Scott

Reviewer: Cavan Scott

Of all the characters in what these days is called the Buffyverse, Illyria showed the most promise and yet, with the cancellation of Angel, was never allowed to truly come into her own.

After a couple of misfires with their Angel spin-offs, IDW have got this just right. Peter David, no stranger to TV-tie-ins presents a brief but involving tale of a demon striving to understand what remorse means and how it will take her one step closer to being human. In a relatively short page-count David crams in more character development and empathy than most writers can manage in an entire series. Of course his job is made considerably easier thanks to the amazing art of Nicola Scott who perfectly captures actress Amy Acker (although her Wesley is almost unrecognisable).

Unlike IDW's first Angel efforts, this isn't just for completests. If you've not dipped your toe into Buffy-inspired comics then this is a great jumping-on point.

SCORES: Out of 5

Art: 3

Script: 3

Chills: 2

Overall: 3



1. Dana Booker - November 12, 2006

ILLYRIA! even though she was only in like 8 episodes she is my favourite of all the Buffy/Angel characters ever! if there were to be a series about illyria i would be the number one fan, NO JOKE!

2. toby - March 29, 2007

love illyria !!!

3. Effulgent - April 19, 2007

Illyria rocked, i thought that at the end of angel they had a chance,

army of slayers show up to put down the wolf the ram and the heart??? its possible, gunn may not have made it but “Two half-breeds and a band of primitives.” may have been able to pull a fast one.

TV sucks these days im sick of watching the parade of less interesting, high maintenance demons that show up on Cspan

4. Caius - July 19, 2009

Illyria is the best character of all the Buffy/Angel characters i wish she could keep her initial powers like the power to slow down time.

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