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News: Blade is back and he’s bringing some friends June 2, 2006

Posted by HC in Marvel, News.

Marvel has announced that Marc (Wolverine) Guggenheim is to be the writer of the new ongoing Blade title, due to be published in September.


In an interview on Newsarama Guggenheim is quick to insist that there is to be no links to the Spike TV series, other than Blade's appearance with has evolved over time to resemble the look of the movies. However, as with recent comics featuring the character Blade will share the Dhampir-like abilities of his cinematic counterpart. In the Marvel Universe contiunity, Blade became the Daywalker after being bitten by Morbius, the Living Vampire.

In the new title Blade will be based in Manhattan and will initially act alone. While story arcs will be developed Guggenheim has revealed that the issues will be stand-alone. In his own words Blade will be produced "not as a horror book – as Blade has been done in the past, but as a superhero book with horror elements."

No artist has been named as yet, although Marko Djurdjevic will be providing the covers for the first six issues.


Blade is not the only 70s horror icon to be returning from Marvel. At the "Mondo Marvel" panel WizardWorld: Philadelphia, the publisher announced two new titles that will come out under Max imprint, Hellstorm: Son of Satan and Zombie. Axel Alonso has revealed that their inclusion in Marvel's imprint for older readers mean that the characters will be able to develop in ways that weren't possible in the past.



1. Richy 666 - June 3, 2006

The real question is whether Blade is going to be facing up against Dracula, not the crap we saw in Blad e Trinity or that awful Apocalypse vs. Dracula book but the good old fashioned, 1970s Tomb of Dracula king of the Undead

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