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News: Deadworld comes to CD May 30, 2006

Posted by HC in News.

Deadworld Logo

Eagle One Media have released an official CD-Rom collecting the zombie-comic Deadworld.

The Deadworld CD-Rom collects the entire 46 issue original runs of the cult comic, plus four short stories, two spin-off mini-series and bonus extras. That's 1,700 pages scanned packed onto one $29.99 CD. Phew! UK fans of the undead saga will need to chuck on a $6 shipping charge.


Deadworld made its shuffling debut back in the late 80s, bubbling up from the brains of scriptor Stuart Kerr and artist Vincent Lock. Fans of zombiekind recognised a world torn apart from a supernatural plague however unlike most Romero-inspired comics the zombie masses are just foot-soldiers to a breed of intellegent, highly intelligent flesh-feasters, led by a harley-riding, snark-talking king of the undead.

In the current ongoing Zombie revival it was only a matter of time before the comic underwent a resurrection. A all-new monthly Deadworld title was launched in 2005 from Image and Shockertoys are to release a line of 6-7 inch action figures.



1. David Z - June 7, 2006

Thanks for pointing this out Cav! I looooved this series and am off to go buy now. Sad the new series is fairly poor and very late, but what can ya do?

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